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Simonís Pocket Parrotlets
I am a specialised breeder and handrearer of Celestial Parrotlets located near Edinburgh, Scotland. I currently have and breed 17 different colour mutations of Celestial Parrotlets.

Parrots Ireland

Lakeland bird Keepers
"A innovative, pro-active 'on-line' Bird Club based in the Lake District but with Members all over the U.K. just waiting for YOU to join them."

Parrotlet Ranch
"We have been raising small parrots since 1983, we have been breeding parrotlets exclusively since 1986.
The Parrotlet Ranch is devoted to raising the healthiest, strongest parrotlets possible and takes great care with regard to nutrition, housing, cleanliness, record keeping and genetic diversity."

International Parrotlet Society
"The International Parrotlet Society's (IPS) purpose is to educate its members and promote interest in parrotlets, whether for exhibition, reproduction, care, knowledge, conservation, study, companion birds, or hobby; also to present to its members information to increase the understanding of the various genera, species and subspecies of parrotlets."

"Parrot breeding with growth details for large and smaller parrots, including rearing records showing amounts of food to feed at each age over the first few weeks"

Little Tweet
"We exclusively breed Pacific Parrotlets, both sweet Parrotlet hand-fed babies and breeding pairs"

Parrot Link
"Our members keep all sorts of birds & parrots from Budgerigars, Cockatiels, Conures and Lovebirds to the larger species such as African Greys, Cockatoos and Amazons and, ultimately Macaws.
This huge group of parrot enthusiasts can offer help and advice on diet, breeding, housing, behaviour and many other aspects of parrot-keeping.
So, if you have a broody Budgie, a lonely Lovebird or a moody Macaw why not give us a try?"

Rob Harvey
Specialist parrot feeds, supplements and equipment.
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