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Welcome to the Parrotlets Scotland website. We hope to make this page a useful resource for all lovers of the Forpus family of parrot, in Scotland and elsewhere - in particular the Celestial Parrotlet (aka Pacific Parrotlet).

Finally got my new PC working, and I am back in business!
Sorry about lack of updates etc, if you posted a question in the Question and Answers section, it should have a response now, so please check it out.
If your question is not there, please resubmit it, as I had a mountain of spam posts to clear out, and I am worried that legitimate messages might have been lost in with the nonsense. Apparently, someone thinks that "cheap viagra" is a question about parrotlets... I've written a new filter, so these guys are now officially wasting their time - such messages will no longer be saved.

Thanks for reading,

New Parrotlet Mutation Discovered!

Now that it's over, here's the real image:

Isn't April Fools fun?

For various reasons, I haven't had time to do much to the site lately, but I hope to get working on it again soon. Any suggestions for content are welcome, iain@parrotlets-online.co.uk.
Any questions can be directed to the Questions section by filling out this form.

Thanks for reading,

I intend to add a breeders directory to the site, if anyone would like to be listed, please drop me an email.
The system will allow you to provide your location and contact details, and it will also allow you to list and update what you have available (Parrotlets only). Obviously as a .co.uk website, our focus is mainly British; but international breeders will still be accomodated.
The prototype should be up by the weekend.

More to come!

31/03/08: Added a proper link to the section on genetics. Corrected an error whereby all references to w, X and Y chromosomes were changed to Z in the genetics page (so the description of sex-linked might make more sense now!). Added section on Punnette squares to genetics page.

More to come!

Please note that this website is currently a work-in-progress; as such some pages are incomplete, and some links are broken.
Parrotlets At Work
Please check back later if a section you are interested in is unavailable.

Happy Parrotletting,

Enjoy fantasy novels? Why not check out 'The Blessed Companions' by Bjorn van Hecke:

Page created 15 March 2008
Last modified: 26 October, 2015
Iain D. Kendall